CNN’s King: Hillary Is No Bill, Didn’t Talk to Anyone at Chipotle

Monday on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” chief national correspondent John King said despite any message redo, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is no Bill, because when she went to Chipotle, she spoke to none of the average Americans she is hoping to champion.

King said a CNN contributor called the Chipotle manager, who seemed surprised the former secretary of state had graced his establishment, saying, “The manager of the Chipotle in Ohio had to look at the security video to prove it was Hillary Clinton who stopped in at Chipotle today. She went to Chipotle, she got lunch apparently, and she didn’t talk to anybody. Ohio’s kind of important in presidential politics. And if Bill Clinton were on that ride, he would still be in that Chipotle and somehow would have known a third of the people.”

Host Anderson Cooper chimed in saying, “He would be serving food there, wouldn’t he?

Paul Begala laughed and added, “He would be eating the burrito off the table next to him.”

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