Scott Walker Crushes Obama on the Wedding Circuit


The headline for a Benny Johnson piece at IJReview is Scott Walker, Wedding Crasher. But nothing could be further from the truth.

With a modicum of imagination and even less research, Johnson might have figured out who the real wedding crasher is when it comes to politics, and created something consistent with his headline and also worth reading.

If anyone is a wedding crasher, it’s Barack Obama.

Not only was Walker happy to change the location for a planned speech when he learned it conflicted with a wedding, he met with the couple, who turn out to be Walker fans. The GOP contender told them, “You young kids have so much more to celebrate than some stupid political event.” How one gets “Wedding Crasher” from that has more to do with click bait than it does journalism.

A Walker spokesperson told IJReview that they never had a problem giving the speech in the odd location and that the governor was happy to give the young couple a political wedding memory. “They were big fans of Scott Walker when they got here,” says one Walker spokesperson, “They were really thrilled to meet him.”

But what happened when a soldier’s dream wedding conflicted with yet one more in a long list of Obama golf games?

Soldiers’ dream wedding forced to move for Obama’s golf game

Nothing gets in the way of President Obama’s golf game — not even love.

Two military lovebirdies were forced to move their dream wedding off of a beautiful Hawaiian golf course after the duffer in chief wanted to play through.
Army Capts. Natalie Heimel and Edward Mallue Jr. were set to tie the knot at Kaneophe Klipper Golf Course.

But on Saturday, a day before the wedding at the 16th hole, they were told by the White House advance team that they would have to get hitched elsewhere to accommodate Obama’s game.

Talk about wedding crashers. As ABC reported at the time, Obama even declined the couple’s invitation to the open bar.

“You’re more than welcome to come to our reception at the officer’s club,” Edward said, as Natalie added, “There’s an open bar.”

“You know what,” the president responded, “you don’t want me at the reception.

Well, Obama may have a point there … although he did apologize after the fact and the couple were gracious about the cancellation.


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