White House Dodges ‘Clinton Cash’ Questions, Attacks ‘Conservative Authors’

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White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest continued to dodge questions today about the bombshell Clinton Cash book and even attacked the credibility of the author of the book, Peter Schweizer.

A New York Times story, prompted by information gathered by Schweizer, questioned why many foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation were secret, although the Obama administration and the Clintons agreed to make those donations public in a memo.

“In terms of compliance with the memorandum of understanding, I’d refer you to the State Department, or to Secretary Clinton’s team who I’m sure would happy to talk to you about this,” Earnest said when questioned by reporters during the White House Press briefing today.

As ABC News reporter Jon Karl pressed Earnest about why multiple donations to the Clinton foundation were not publicly disclosed, Earnest attacked the credibility of conservative authors.

“I’ve been in a position where there have been other — to put it mildly — conservative authors that have launched written books based on with what they purport to be serious allegations against the president of the United States,” Earnest said. “And I’m often in the position of responding to those incidents and trying to defend the president from accusations that are not rooted or accompanied with any evidence.”

Earnest indicated that he didn’t have time to address similar accusations brought against Obama’s former Secretary of State.

“My point is, right now that is happening to Secretary Clinton, and there is a spokesperson that Secretary Clinton has hired that can answer these questions,” Earnest said.