Rubio: USA Lost Vision, ‘We’re Not Trying to Get to The Moon Anymore’

marco rubio 54
Associated Press

Florida Senator and 2016 presidential hopeful Marco Rubio made his debut fundraising event in California on Tuesday reiterating his theme, “this next election is a generational choice about the direction of this country.”

The son of Cuban immigrants, Rubio lamented that the country is on a downward trajectory. Citizens once believed in the American dream and were the envy of all around the world. Now, Americans  live “paycheck to paycheck,” hampered by a lack of capital to run small businesses, and suffer from too many regulations.

Speaking to the 200 people at the City Club in downtown Los Angeles, Rubio explained, “What is happening is a direct result of our leaders, leaders who are trapped in the past.”

Rubio made light of the fact that he is the youngest candidate in the 2016 presidential race. “I’ll be 44 in a few weeks–but I feel 45,” he joked. Yet, when he spoke about foreign policy he displayed a heavier hand and criticized President Obama’s recent lifting of sanctions against his parents’ homeland.

“Virtually every piece of property in Cuba today was stolen from someone,” he said. Bloomberg Politics  reported that the senator accused Obama of “cozying up” to a country that is “tyrannical” and “harbors fugitives.”

The senator weighed in on China saying that, “Too many of our leaders travel there and say nothing about the gross human rights abuses that take place there… We have outdated leaders who want to continue to pour money into outdated 20th century ideas.”

Rubio has come under some heat by conservatives for his apparent Liberal stance on granting amnesty to illegal aliens. Yet, the junior senator from Florida tends right on much of the conservative agenda including religious liberty and opposing Common Core.

Rubio wants to restore America back to an upward trajectory that he feels has been detoured by the Obama Administration. “We’re not trying to get to the moon anymore,” he asserted. “I’m not saying the moon should be our goal, but there should be some kind of a strategic vision.”



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