Levin: Breitbart Covered Garland Shooting ‘Magnificently’

The Associated Press

On Sunday, the Breitbart Texas team, led by Brandon Darby, broke the news of the shooting of two terrorists at the Mohammad Art Exhibit and Contest in Garland, Texas.

The Breitbart News Sunday program on Sirius XM, with Dan Fleuette and Sonnie Johnson guest-hosting for Stephen K. Bannon, broke away from in-depth programming on the Baltimore riots to bring live coverage of the situation in Garland.

Radio host and best-selling author Mark Levin praised Breitbart’s coverage, saying on his Monday show:

“By the way, I was listening to some of this while I was in the car, on Sirius Satellite, on the Patriot — the Breitbart boys, they covered this magnificently. They did a great job — I was in the car about 45 minutes so I wanna give a hat tip to them.”

Darby gave the program a first-person report on events as they unfolded. Breitbart’s Matt Boyle was also on the program, aggregating stories from his location in Detroit, where he was covering Ben Carson’s presidential announcement.

You can hear the full coverage of Sunday’s coverage On-Demand at SiriusXM.com.

Breitbart News Sunday, hosted by Stephen K. Bannon can be heard live every Sunday from 7-10PM ET SiriusXM The Patriot Channel 125.


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