WaPo’s Marcus: ‘Out of Touch,’ ‘Tone Deaf’ Clintons a Toxic Mix

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus said former President Bill Clinton did former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton no favors with his explanation that he will continue to take millions of dollars to give speeches because he has to “pay the bills.”

Marcus said, “I thought, from Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton’s point of view, it was an ill-advised interview. Once again, we see this absolute really toxic combination of tone deafness from the Clintons, and not being in touch with the concerns of ordinary Americans. When President Clinton is asked—are you going to keep on giving speeches for 500,000 a pop?—he says, well, of course, yeah, we have—I got to pay the bills. The rest of us, with a few $100,000 speeches, could manage to pay bills for quite a while.”

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