AP’s Pace: ‘We Really Don’t Know’ Where Hillary Stands Because Press, Public Can’t Ask

Associated Press White House Correspondent Julie Pace reported that Hillary Clinton’s events “are with pre-selected, pre-screened supporters mainly” and that “unless we have an opportunity, both the press and the public, to press a candidate on these questions [on important issues], we really don’t know the answer” on CNN’s “New Day” on Friday.

Pace said, “The campaign is saying that they’re doing small events, they’re putting her in settings where she can be having a conversation. But I think it’s important for the public to understand what these conversations really are. These are with pre-selected, pre-screened supporters mainly. And I was at a conversation she was having with small business owners. Everyone around the table was very supportive of her agenda. And I think that the challenge for her is going to if you want to do small events, how do you do small events and actually get a diversity of opinion? How do you actually make sure that you are hearing from all voices, not just those people who support you.”

Yahoo News Chief Washington Correspondent, Olivier Knox added that Hillary was missing out by only talking to her supporters.

Pace later stated, in response to the press’ complaints about the lack of access to Hillary, “The point of the national press, or the local press, or voters who can ask her unfiltered questions is to actually try to understand what this person would do as president. And that means getting pressed on issues that aren’t necessarily what you want to be talking about that day, getting asked about the situation in the Middle East right now, how would you handle that, getting asked about the Patriot Act debate on Capitol Hill. And unless we have an opportunity, both the press and the public, to press a candidate on these questions, we really don’t know the answer.”


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