MSM Journalist Wants Republican Presidential Candidates to ‘Unleash Their Lizard Brains’ in Upcoming Debates

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Three mainstream media journalists are showing their bias against the large field of Republican Presidential candidates.

In a recent podcast, they discussed the 2016 campaign. When asked by MSNBC’s Alex Wagner what she thought of the Republican candidates who will be invited to participate in the upcoming Fox News debates, Annie Lowrey, who writes for New York Magazine, let loose:

“Even in terms of getting a better bread and circus type ludicrous production, which as a journalist is all that I care about, I just want chaos, anarchy, racist comments, sexist comments, I want, I want the worst of these people, I want them to, like, unleash their lizard brains.”

Wagner can be heard laughing after Lowrey’s mention of “sexist comments.”

You can hear this exchange around the 4:30 mark.

Wagner began the episode of the weekly series Podcast in America by asking this question: “What happens when you plan a three-ring circus and twenty candidates show up?”

Fox News will hold a debate among the top ten declared Republican candidates, as determined by standing in the latest five polls, on August 6. By the time the debate is held, there will be more than ten candidates in the running, so some will not be invited to participate.

During the podcast Wagner said of the Republican candidates that she wanted the debates to “make them smaller, make them as psychotic as possible.”

“It’s kind of worse than last time in terms of yahoos coming out of the woodwork,” she said of the Republican field.

Lowrey later offered her assessment of the strategies the Republican candidates were likely to follow.

“If you think that you’re actually viable, you have a good fundraising thing going on, you’re getting moving in your states that you think you need to win, there’s probably an impulse to be as boring as possible,” she said.

“But if you’re a candidate who’s looking to stake some territory who thinks that you have a good thing going on but needs a little attention it’s to do that, right, it’s to engage other people, it’s to say kind of crazy stuff,” she added.

Mark Leibovich, the New York Times Magazine’s national correspondent, took a shot at Carly Fiorina, the only woman so far in the Republican field.

“Why shouldn’t Lindsay Graham, who’s a senator, and Rick Perry, who’s run before, have a right to be here. There are actually only a few candidates who are like, really, I mean, are you sure? I would put that in the Dennis Kucinich, Mike Gravel, maybe Carly Fiorina class.”

Kucinich, the former far left wing liberal Democratic Congressman from Ohio, ran for President in 2008 without winning a single delegate. (He fared better four years earlier when he won 40 delegates in 2004.)

Gravel’s career highlight came in the 1970s when, as a Democratic Senator from Alaska, he released the classified Pentagon Papers into the Congressional record. Defeated for re-election in 1980, Gravel has stumbled from misfortune to misfortune since, declaring personal bankruptcy along the way. During his 2008 Presidential campaign, he received only 400 votes in the Democratic primary in New Hampshire. He left the party the next month, and ran for the Libertarian Party’s nomination, where he fared no better.

In contrast, Fiorina has a long career as a technology executive, culminating in a five year tenure as the Chief Executive Officer of Hewlett-Packard.

The comments came in the May episode of the weekly podcast series, Podcast in America, titled “The GOP’s Ten Ring Circus.” The series is produced by Panopoly, a new media company under The Slate Group, a division of Graham Holdings, formerly known as The Washington Post Company. When the Washington Post newspaper was sold to Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos in 2013, company CEO Donald Graham changed the publicly traded company’s name to Graham Holdings.


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