Scott Walker To Remove Waiting Period For Wisconsin Gun Purchases

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AP Photo

Republican lawmakers passed a bill to do away with the 48-hour waiting period on gun purchases in Wisconsin, and Gov. Scott Walker is expected to sign it.

Spokeswoman Laurel Patrick said Walker supports laws which “make it easier for law-abiding citizens to access firearms and difficult for criminals to obtain illegal firearms.”

According to the UK Independent, Wisconsin Democrats are already claiming that a repeal of the waiting period will lead to more gun violence. State representative Fred Kessler (D-12th) said taking away the 48-hour wait is “just going to result in more violence in our urban communities.”

But Kessler is countered by Republicans who argue that women can more quickly acquire guns with which to protect themselves if they do not have to wait 48 hours before taking the gun home. For example, Rep. Samantha Kerkman (R-61), argued that removing the waiting period “would curb domestic violence against women” and she pointed out that “[she] purchased her own handgun to protect her own family.”

The point is simple: A woman under threat from a former boyfriend or husband may not have 48 hours to wait for a gun. Any delay in getting a firearm simply provides her would-be attacker with a safe period in which he can come after her.

On June 3, Carol Bowne’s former boyfriend allegedly stabbed her death while she was waiting on state’s permission to buy a gun in New Jersey. Although New Jersey requires residents to wait much longer than 48 hours, the principle is the same — time spent waiting is time spent in a vulnerable condition.

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