Ben Carson Warns Of Hate Following Church Shooting

Ben Carson announces his run for president in Detroit on May 4.
Paul Sancya/AP

The murder of nine people Wednesday night in Charleston at the Emanuel AME Church is a reminder that racial hate remains in society, Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson says.

“In my lifetime I have seen such great progress. Though racial based hate is still very much alive as last night so violently reminded us,” Carson wrote in a Facebook post.

In a call to prayer, Carson expressed concerns about the growth of hate and divisions in the country despite the past progress.

“But I worry about a new hate that is growing in our great nation. I fear our intolerance of one another is the new battle ground of evil. Today many feel it is ok to hate someone who thinks differently than you do. The left hates the right. The right hates the left. This attitude is poison. Poison that will sicken all of us,” he wrote adding that despite differences of opinion on political issues “we are all brothers and sisters. All Americans.”

Carson, a neurosurgeon by trade, pointed to the brain as a symbol of unity.

“As a brain surgeon I can assure you that all of our brains look the same, no matter what our skin color or party affiliation,” he wrote. “The America I know and love has fought evil all over the world to protect evil’s victims. At home we must dedicate ourselves to not hating anyone based on their politics.”

He concluded by calling for prayers of comfort and healing for the victims, their families and the country.

Police arrested the suspect, 21-year-old Dylann Roof, Thursday morning.


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