Gohmert Brings the House Down at WCS15, Carson Boasts Anti-Politician Credentials

Congressman Louie Gohmert
Rep. Louie Gohmert Official Potrait

DENVER, Colorado — Rep. Louie Gohmert brought the house down at the Western Conservative Summit in Colorado this evening, leaving delegates in hysterics, and lamenting the fact that as Gohmert himself said tonight: You can’t be bald if you want to be President.

Gohmert’s tour-de-force followed Dr. Ben Carson, who declared himself as the anti-politician politician. Carson talked at length about the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage judgment, stating that Congress would have to act to balance the parts of the government that have got “too big for their britches.”

Carson said that the left-wing agenda in America had become more about dividing people than uniting them: “They want us to fight each other. Why would we want to destroy each other, when we have radical Islamic jihadists trying to destroy us? Why would we help them?”

He said a President should be using the “bully pulpit… instead of inflaming the situation,” as many felt Barack Obama did last night by illuminating the White House with the rainbow flag.

America is “Judeo Christian in its origin, even if the President doesn’t think so,” he continued. 

Carson discussed America’s “$211 trillion” fiscal gap, saying his exploratory committee had 200,000 new donors in recent months. 

“Our government is designed for the people, not for the political class,” he concluded..

But the audience were left in stitches after the appearance of Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert, later joined on stage by his friend, Florida Rep. Ted Yoho.

Gohmert made serious points, repeating his statements yesterday that two of the Supreme Court judges who opined in favor of same-sex marriage were compromised and biased, given thatJustices Ginsburg and Kagan had been conducting same-sex marriages themselves in states where it was already legal. They should have recused themselves from the case, he said. 

Gohmert also railed against elements of the security establishment that almost failed to stop Umar Farouk Abdulmuttalab, the Muslim “underwear bomber”. 

Abdulmuttalab managed to get on a plane with a bomb, and was only stopped by his dud bomb, apparently caused, in Gohmert’s words, by a sweaty backside. 

Gohmert joked that you don’t have to be smart to be president, but you have to have hair, and for that reason, he wasn’t a potential candidate. He said that when some politicians look in the mirror in the morning, they think about watching what they have to say — but he doesn’t.

Gohmert was joined on stage, for a hilarious double act, as well as a bear hug, by Congressman Ted Yoho, who spoke exclusively to Breitbart London earlier in the day. 

The interview with Congressman Yoho will appear on Breitbart News tomorrow, when the summit is set to conclude.


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