Activist Launches #WeWillShootBack Urging Blacks to Self-Defense

AP/Mic Smith

In the wake of the heinous attack on Charleston’s Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, a 28-year-old activist named Taurean Brown is urging blacks to prepare to defend themselves should such an attack occur again.

Think Progress reports that Brown is “a self-described revolutionary and proponent of militant self-defense…[who said] that dissenters who have called for peace often forget that black people have always had to take arms up against those who used violence to intimidate them and limit their progress in the United States.”

Even now, Brown is bothered by what he sees as “a campaign to pacify black people” in the wake of Charleston, and she is pushing for more of them to think about defending themselves.

According to the Atlanta Black Star, Brown commented on #WeWillShootBack by saying, “The point of this movement is to educate and let Black people know that we too have the right to protect our families and communities by any means necessary.”

There is certainly a history of guns kept and used for defensive purposes in the Civil Rights movement.

On June 5, 2014, Breitbart News reported on Charles Cobb’s This Nonviolent Stuff’ll Get You Killed: How Guns Made The Civil Rights Movement Possiblea book which traces the importance of guns in the lives of blacks seeking their full share of freedom in the Democrat-controlled South.

According to Cobb, this history is not well known, and includes the fact that MLK kept armed guards around his home and “a pistol tucked in his sofa” while leading the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

Cobb wrote of his uncle, a black southern sharecropper who was generous to people “of all races,” opposed to racism, strong in his Christian faith, and an indefatigable proponent of self-defense. He said his uncle “kept a shotgun behind the door”–a loaded shotgun–“like many black Southerners of his generation.”

Part of Brown’s activism is aimed at waking up blacks to the importance of self-defense once more — to remind them that they do not have sit unarmed–they do not have to live unarmed–when the Second Amendment is there to protect the rights of self-defense and bearing arms.

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