Daily Beast EIC: Clintons Roping Off Press Is ‘Contempt’

Daily Beast Editor-in Chief John Avlon said Hillary Clinton’s campaign roping off the press is the Clinton campaign showing “contempt” for the press and agreed it shows Clinton’s campaign “wants it its way or the highway” on Monday’s broadcast of CNN’s “New Day.”

Avlon was asked of the Clinton campaign roping off the press, “Is this a sign of a campaign that wants it its way or the highway?”

He answered, “It absolutely is. Reporters are not cattle, contrary to popular reputation. Look, apparently, this is a play to Clintons used in the 1990s. Here’s the thing, it doesn’t work in the smartphone era. Here’s the other thing, politics follows the laws of physics, right? Every action creates an equal and opposite reaction, and if you treat the press corps with contempt, you’re going to get contempt back. So, the Clinton campaign is going to have to change its tone here, or you’re going to reap what you sow ultimately.”

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