Martin O’Malley: Protect Sanctuary Cities and Shut Down Immigrant Detention Centers

Martin O'Malley
The Associated Press

On his campaign website, Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley declared on Tuesday that, if elected, he would unilaterally grant amnesty to millions more illegal immigrations, push for unlimited immigration, and permanently disenfranchise American voters who seek to curb our current extreme immigration policies.

Part of his platform is a promise to dismantle interior immigration enforcement and encourage state and local governments to defy federal immigration law. States are only autonomous insofar as they refuse to obey laws liberals don’t like:

Many states and localities have set policies that limit their cooperation with immigration authorities. The intention of these policies is to protect residents’ rights and build trust between law enforcement and immigrant communities. Many sheriffs and law enforcement officers strongly support these policies because they allow local enforcement to more effectively promote public safety. O’Malley will strongly oppose Congressional efforts that disrespect the autonomy of states and localities by coercing them – through the withholding of federal funding or other mechanisms – to rescind these policies.

With this, O’Malley agrees with GOP presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio, who still advocates for his failed Gang of Eight bill. His bill would have likewise given sanctuary cities ironclad funding guarantees, allowing them to harbor dangerous illegal aliens who go on to shed more American blood and commit more crimes.

Last Friday, O’Malley defended sanctuary cities—in Spanish. Nothing should be done about the shooting death of a young white woman at the hands of a five-times deported Mexican illegal alien who told police he chose to live in San Francisco because it was a sanctuary city.

“It’s lamentable that the senseless and tragic act of violence that occurred in San Francisco is prompting a rush to judgment and finger pointing: we can and should do better,” O’Malley wrote in a statement. In others words, shut up and bury Kathryn Steinle without protest.

O’Malley’s commitment to preserving sanctuary cities while opening the floodgates of Third World immigration and shuting down detention centers all but ensure that that Americans will continue to be at risk of being murdered, raped, and robbed by illegal aliens allowed into the country.

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