Chaos on Staten Island as Police Search for Possibly Armed Men


New York’s Staten Island is currently shut down, with bridges reported closed as police as looking into a possible incident near Fort Wadsworth involving four men. They were reportedly seen moving with what appeared with be rifles in a vehicle with New Jersey license plates. reports:

The photos, taken in a parking lot in Midland Beach, show the four people near a van — the alert described the people possibly having “rifles” although the report also said one of the rifles may actually be a “paintball gun.” The police sent out an alert advising that the individuals be approached with extreme caution.

The Coast Guard termed the situation a “credible threat” that was reported about 1 p.m. Friday, a spokesperson said. The official said appropriate precautions were taken.

The situation comes just a day after the deadly attack by a Muslim killed four Marines in Chattanooga, TN.

The reference to the paintball gun could be a possible link to a series of paintball attacks in recent weeks on Staten Island and in Brooklyn, where residents including Orthodox Jews were shot from an SUV. As the New York Daily News reported:

An incident in which a 67-year-old Jewish man was hit with a paintball on Staten Island is being investigated as a possible hate crime, police sources said Monday.

“I hope they catch this guy,” said Abrhaam Revivo, whose right shoulder is still sore from Friday’s incident. “It’s very scary.”

There were several other paintball attacks on Staten Island on Saturday — all drive-bys. Police sources said the incidents could involve


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