Prosecutor: Chicago’s Bryant Brewer Was ‘Proud He Gunned Down a Police Officer’

Chicago Police

As the trial for alleged cop killer Bryant Brewer got underway on July 27, Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney Brian Sexton said Brewer was “proud he gunned down an officer” in 2010, when he allegedly “hopped a fence outside a police station at 61st and Racine” and killed Chicago Police Officer Thor Soderberg.

The case against Brewer is being presided over by Cook County Judge Timothy Joyce.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Sexton said Brewer was “filled with hatred” and allegedly looking for an officer to attack when he came across Soderberg changing clothes in the police parking lot, getting ready to go to a volleyball game.

Sexton told the court that a witness “heard Brewer mumbling ‘f— the police’ and ‘shoot the police’ as he walked toward the station in the afternoon of July 7, 2010.” Sexton said Brewer allegedly fought with Officer Soderberg–who was standing outside his personal car–and was able to take the officer’s gun and shoot him three times.

He said Brewer allegedly also fired shots at “a janitor and [another] police officer” who came to investigate the noise, but he missed them both.

Assistant public defender Caroline Glennon rejected Sexton’s claims, saying instead that Officer Soderberg “pistol whipped” Brewer watching him climb the fence into the police parking lot and that “Brewer was suffering from a brain injury from the blows to his head when he grabbed Soderberg’s gun and shot him.”

The team of defense attorneys “also emphasized there’s a gap in the video from one of the surveillance cameras pointed toward Soderberg’s car in the parking lot.” They claim that “no video shows the shooting taking place and no witnesses saw it.”

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