EXCLUSIVE: David Webb Tells Breitbart News Details of SiriusXM Patriot Special ‘Up Close and Personal with the GOP Field’

David Webb

Talk radio host David Webb will host a special show on August 5th featuring numerous GOP presidential candidates who will sit down with Webb at the Republican National Committee summer meetings in Cleveland, prior to the big debate. Webb’s special will then be replayed across a number of SiriusXM channels August 6th.

“It’s not just the candidates, but it’s everything around the top levels of the debates,” Webb told Breitbart News. He is talking to top GOP analysts as well as the candidates.

Steve Bannon, Executive Chairman of Breitbart News, will also be sitting down with Webb for a segment.

Webb’s goal is to let his listeners find out more about the people running for the Republican nomination than what will be said and done at the debate and candidate forum. Webb explained to Breitbart News:

It’s the person behind the policies and why they are who they are. It’s more of a personal look at the candidates. Part of the problem in the campaign cycle is all you hear is the messaging…you don’t learn much about the person, so that’s what we are doing is I’m asking them about who they are and why they are who they are. The foundation of who a person is – is as important to trying to figure out who is going to be the best leader for the country.

Webb’s interviews will air on the Patriot channel 125, SiriusXM’s conservative talk radio channel, as well as the non-partisan POTUS channel, 124. Webb told Breitbart News each candidate will answer roughly five questions.

His show will profile the candidate’s life and personal interests, so listeners can learn about the candidates as people, rather than merely political contenders.

“It’s more time for them, more visibility and a chance to talk about themselves, not just what they are going to do in the debate and the forum that happens before the debate,” Webb told Breitbart News.

Dave Gorab, SiriusXM’s Vice President and General Manager, Talk Programming said:

As we kick-off SiriusXM’s coverage of the 2016 election in an extremely fast-paced and politically-charged environment, the notion of slowing down for a moment and giving each candidate an opportunity to introduce him or herself in a personal manner is something we feel very strongly about. With each candidate profile, our desire is to break from policy soundbites and give SiriusXM listeners the opportunity to better understand the person behind the candidacy.

Webb hosts SiriusXM’s The David Webb Show, in which he covers breaking political, economic, and national security news with politicians as well as top analysts.

Webb’s program airs nationwide on weeknights from 9 PM to midnight.


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