Navy Commander Confirms He Fired at Mohammad Abdulazeez with His ‘Personal Weapon’

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Lieutenant Commander Tim White has now confirmed that he opened fire on gunman Mohammad Abdulazeez during the July 16 attack on Marines and Sailors in Chattanooga.

The Times Free Press lists White as the commanding officer at the Navy Operational Support Center. And they report that he opened fire on Abdulazeez while the attack was underway, but there is no confirmation on whether any of his rounds found their target.

Stripes reports that White’s wife, Franicia White, said she was proud of her husband for fighting back. Franicia said, “He values human life enough to protect his sailors and others. I am honored to be his wife and stand by him 100 percent.”

The Navy Times reports that FBI Special Agent in Charge Ed Reinhold held a press conference in which he did not call White by name, but said, “A service member inside the building saw Abdulazeez approaching and fired at him.” An unnamed Marine allegedly opened fire on Abdulazeez with a “sidearm” as well, but there is no confirmation on whether he found his target either.

On July 29, a petition was launched asking President Obama to honor those who fought back during the Chattanooga attacks.

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