Report: Sam DuBose, Shot by Cop, Had Two Pounds of Marijuana and Thousands in Cash in His Car

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Sam DuBose, the man shot to death by Officer Ray Tensing, had two pounds of marijuana in his car, along with thousands in cash, according to police sources familiar with the case. Leftist activists have seized on the case since Tensing is white and DuBose was black as evidence of an epidemic of cops gunning down unarmed men.

Sources within University of Cincinnati and Cincinnati Police Departments told retired NYPD officer John Cardillo that police found two pounds of marijuana and thousands of dollars in cash in his car. Cardillo called to confirm these new facts with the public information office of the Cincinnati Police Department, and they did not deny them. Neither did the prosecutor’s office when Cardillo contacted them.

“The narrative has been: ‘Well, he was taking his son to a movie,’ and ‘he’s just fed up with being pulled over, yet again, for something minor.’ That appears now not to be the case,” Cardillo said in an interview with WJNO radio.

The host asked Cardillo why the contents of DuBose’s car had not been made public yet.

“That’s an excellent question,” Cardillo said. “I think this is all part and parcel to a bigger issue, and something similar to what we saw in Baltimore, which was a very hasty, political prosecution, a very hasty investigation.”

Cardillo noted that there was a immediate rush to charge an officer with a flawless record for murder–before the investigation into DuBose’s death was complete. Hence the equal and opposite reaction to keeping evidence from the public.

Cardillo said that traffic stops can turn very dangerous, very fast for cops: “A: There’s no such thing as a routine stop. B: The two most dangerous and fatal encounters for any police officer at agency are domestic violence calls and car stops. And unfortunately, we’re seeing this prove itself out in the murder of Officer Sam Bolton the other night in Memphis. Very similar. Officer Bolton pulled in front of the vehicle, because the vehicle was illegally parked. The same innocuous, initial job–” Cardillo explained that police call routine incidents “jobs”–“as Officer Tensing’s encounter with DuBose. But unfortunately Officer Bolton, as he approached the vehicle to talk about a harmless parking situation, was gunned down before he ever had a chance to get there.”

“It’s really starting to bear out in the prosecutor’s narrative may be very inaccurate. And so I like that I see where this is going, much like I did in Baltimore, with the six officers who were hastily indicted on murder, when they weren’t even in the van with Freddie Grray,” Cardillo said. “It is going to be impossible to get 12 jurors to convict Ray Tensing on murder. Absolutely impossible.”


Tensing saw DuBose driving without a front license plate and tried to pull him over last Sunday. DuBose noticed, and ignored him, continuing to drive another mile before pulling over.

Cincinnati police said Tensing asked DuBose several times for his driver’s license–and DuBose handed him a bottle of alcohol. Realizing he could have a DUI situation on his hands, Tensing asked Dubose to step out of the car. DuBose refused and tried to drive away.

“There was a struggle at the door with Mr. Dubose in the vehicle and the officer outside the vehicle, and the vehicle sped away,” said Cincinnati police Lt. Col. James Whalen. Tensing fired one shot, which struck DuBose in the head, killing him.

DuBose was not unfamiliar with police: He had over 60 prior arrests, according to CNN.

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