ForAmerica’s David Bozell Blast’s Trump Over Planned Parenthood Comments


ForAmerica, a 501(c)4 with “an online army of over 7.5 million people” blasted Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump Tuesday for comments the billionaire businessman made about being open to the idea of continued taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood:

“Donald Trump simply must be clear about his position on taxpayer-funding of Planned Parenthood if he expects to be taken seriously by conservative voters. Last week Mr. Trump said he would strip $528 million of Planned Parenthood funding immediately, even if it meant a government shutdown fight with Democrats. Today on CNN, Mr. Trump claimed Planned Parenthood was an “abortion factory” but does “some good things” and waffled on the funding question. This ambiguous position gives voters pause. Just ask President Romney, who denied he was ever pro-choice, despite the videotape evidence.

“Voters seek and expect clarity on this issue. It must be made crystal clear by every candidate in the GOP field that Planned Parenthood’s taxpayer-funded lifelines provided by the federal government must be cut off. There’s nothing good about an organization that mutilates and sells the body parts of aborted babies. Defund it completely, now, and open an immediate congressional investigation.”

The comments came from For America’s president David Bozell.



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