Live Action’s Lila Rose Blasts Trump Over Planned Parenthood Comments

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During a Tuesday morning interview, Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump shocked many of his supporters when he left the door open to continued taxpayer support (about a half-billion dollars annually) to abortion provider Planned Parenthood. Lila Rose, president of the pro-life Live Action organization, reacted with a statement blasting the billionaire businessman and challenged him to watch a series of videos that expose how the abortion provider traffics in dead baby parts:

Trump’s vacillation on Planned Parenthood funding is deeply troubling, and reveals an ignorance about their horrific abortion practices–their killing over 320,000 children a year, and bartering to sell the body parts of those they abort. It’s obvious from Mr. Trump’s comments that he has not watched the Planned Parenthood videos released by Center for Medical Progress. That is the only way he could recommend to continue funding this abortion conglomerate that is totally unnecessary and any organization that engages in these human rights abuses does not deserve a penny of tax payers’ money. It would be better spent on health services that would save the lives of women and babies. I challenge Mr. Trump to watch the videos.

During the interview, Trump at first said that Planned Parenthood should not be funded by the government. When pressed on the services the abortion outlet allegedly provides women outside of abortion, Trump immediately changed his tune and seemed to indicate that he was open to the idea of continued taxpayer funding:

I would look at the good aspects of [Planned Parenthood], and I would also look, because I’m sure they do some things properly and good and that are good for women, and I would look at that, and I would look at other aspects also. But we have to take care of women.

Whether Trump knows it or not, his position is not a policy change. In fact, Trump appeared to be defending a status quo most conservatives see as intolerable.

Although it is all a shell game to skirt the laws that make it illegal for federal taxpayer money to fund abortions, the half-billion tax dollars annually given to Planned Parenthood are already not supposed to be used for abortions but instead for these “other things” Trump is apparently comfortable funding.

This of course is a joke. With taxpayer money to fund “other things,” Planned Parenthood has more money to move over to its abortion factory.

It is all one big disgusting swamp of blood, fetal tissue and baby parts.

And as of now, a President Trump cannot be counted on to drain that swamp.


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