Megyn Kelly Will Not Apologize to Donald Trump

Donald Trump; Megyn Kelly
AP Photo/John Minchillo

I am a little bewildered.

Donald Trump says we have too much political correctness. In the Fox News/Facebook debate, Megyn Kelly asked him a question about not being politically correct, and he objects. Trump supporters went wild on social media. They are aggrieved on behalf of their candidate. Not being politically correct runs both ways.

Kelly responded on her TV show Monday night, but not directly to Trump.

First, the question about his temperament at the debate.

Kelly said to Trump, “You’ve called women you don’t like ‘fat pigs,’ ‘dogs,’ ‘slobs’ and ‘disgusting animals.’”

On Monday night, Kelly defended her line of questioning and stated: “Apparently Mr. Trump thought the question I asked was unfair and felt I was attacking him, I felt he was asked a tough but fair question. We agree to disagree.”

She then went on to say: “Mr. Trump is an interesting man who has captured the attention of the electorate. That’s why he’s leading in the polls. Trump, who is the front-runner, will not apologize, and I certainly will not apologize for doing good journalism. So I’ll continue doing my job without fear or favor, and Mr. Trump, I expect, will continue with what has been a successful campaign thus far. This is a tough business and it’s time now to move forward, and now let’s get back to the news.”

The winner in all of this is the media, because this is sensational to write about.

The loser: the American people and any chance to address the issues that plague us daily. Kelly is right, let’s get back to the news.


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