Report: YouTube Censoring Videos of Black-on-White Crime

White Girl Bleed A lot/Facebook
White Girl Bleed A lot/Facebook

Colin Flaherty— “who chronicles racially motivated violence by blacks against whites”—reports that YouTube terminated his account on August 13, thereby ending his use of the social media platform to publish articles showing black-on-white crime.

Flaherty is the author of ‘White Girl Bleed a Lot’: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It.

Speaking to WND, Flaherty said:

YouTube sent me an email the other day saying it was putting me on notice for violating its Terms of Service, meaning I would not be allowed to post new videos for two weeks… The reason: I posted a private video from a parent of a child who filmed an episode of black mob violence against a white child. The local news blurred it. And I presented the original. YouTube did not like that.

He added, “Two days later, I awoke to find my account terminated.”

Flaherty’s account was also suspended in June, and he was told it was because he posted “shocking, sensational or disrespectful videos.” His account was also flagged for showing “minors participating in a harmful or dangerous activity.” Yet Flaherty stresses that “he was not creating offensive content” but was simply reporting attacks and crimes that were taking place.

He added:

My channel documents how the media ignore, deny, condone, excuse, encourage and even lie about these kinds of crimes. I filled a vacuum, and the people responded to that.

And all of this was based on facts and evidence. We produced videos, 9-1-1 calls, police reports, eyewitness accounts and statements from victims who all said the same thing. ‘Something very wrong is happening here, and we have to pay attention to it.’

Flaherty has been describing his work this way for some time. Following the 2013 release of White Girl Bleed a Lot, he spoke to The Daily Caller, saying, “People are ready to hear about this. And the way I wrote this is without generalizations, without stereotypes, without apologies. I don’t pretend this is not a difficult topic, but it is also an important one.”

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