WaPo’s Tumulty: Hillary Can’t Blame Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy When FBI Investigating

Tuesday MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” Washington Post national political correspondent Karen Tumulty said Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton can no longer say the controversy over her deleting the emails from her tenure of Secretary of State and wiping her server clean is a vast right-wing conspiracy because the FBI and Department of Justice are now involved in the investigation.

Guest host Luke Russert said, “You wrote some interesting stuff in the Washington Post I think is true. The Clinton playbook here is they’re sort of saying it is the vast right wing conspiracy all over again, people trying to throw mud at us. This is what they do. But If you talk to Democrats privately they say, ‘This is not going away, and we’re quite worried.'”

Tumulty agreed saying, “Because of the thing that really worries them is that what they have been promised here was a brand-new kind of Hillary Clinton campaign. One that was going to be much more open, much more accessible. One in which the candidate would be much more authentic. It is difficult for them to get to that point. It’s one thing to say that she has enemies out there. She does. She always has, but it’s difficult for them to say that’s the only story going on here when just last week, the FBI demanded hat she turned over her server, her private e-mail server in response to a demand by the FBI. You can’t sort of write it off once you have the FBI and Department of Justice involved in this investigation.”

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