Bobby Jindal to Double Down on Scott Walker’s ‘Federal Entitlement Program’ Healthcare Plan


At the Defending the American Dream Summit on Friday in Columbus, Ohio, GOP presidential contender Bobby Jindal will double down on his criticism of rival Scott Walker’s healthcare proposal – one that Jindal calls yet another “federal entitlement program.”

In a call to the Republican Party to “man-up” and boldly stand up for conservative principles, while instilling them into national policy, Jindal says the “bad news” is that Walker’s newly released proposal “provides universal coverage with a guarantee of government coverage for everyone.”

“His plan would likely cost over $1 trillion, and he does not indicate how he would pay for it, which of course is the Washington way,” he said.

Urging conservatives not to heed the Washington establishment’s call to have them hide their principles in order to win in the general election, Jindal warned, “If we try that again, we will lose again, and we will deserve to lose.”

“When did we decide to quit fighting for our conservative ideals?” he asked. “When did we throw in the towel? Conservative ideals haven’t died out here in America…but they are dead in Washington.”

Jindal accused the establishment Republicans in Washington of being “too scared to get rid of” Obamacare.

“They were relieved when we lost the Supreme Court case against Obamacare,” he continued. “They are too scared to oppose universal coverage. They are too scared to believe in the free market. They are too scared to stand up for freedom.”

Jindal went on to say that “government dependence is not the American dream.”

“That’s not what my parents came to America for,” he said. “The American Dream is Independence and freedom and growth and opportunity for all. That’s the American Dream and it’s time for the Republican Party to man-up and boldly claim it.”


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