Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson: God Became Jewish Flesh

Duck Dynasty Fluette
Danny Fleuette

WASHINGTON – “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson blasted President Obama’s Iran nuclear deal at a star-studded rally outside the U.S. Capitol Wednesday, stating his strong support for Israel and the Jewish people.

“They call me in as a last resort,” Robertson joked to an enthusiastic crowd.

“They said God was dead back was in college, but he wasn’t. They lied. They said the Tea Party was dead. It wasn’t,” Robertson said before listing a number of conservative names including Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin who get criticized for being anti-establishment. “News flash: I was ‘anti’ when ‘anti’ wasn’t even cool.”

“I don’t do deals with individuals, whoever they are, when they’re hollering at the top of their lungs when I walk out of the place where we’re doing the deal and they’re saying, ‘We’re going to kill you.'”

Robertson made clear the dire circumstances the Iran nuclear deal creates for Israel.

“You know why I love Israel? They wrote The Bible, that’s why I love them,” Robertson said. “When God became flesh, you know what kind of flesh he became? Jewish flesh.”

“As far as anti goes, listen up,” Robertson said. “What we are, America, we’re anti-corruption…We are anti-perversion for crying out loud. And we are pro God Almighty. We’re pro God.”

“People say, that Robertson guy is too religious. Well, I say America ‘ain’t religious enough.”


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