Rebel House Conservatives Delay Vote on Iran Deal

Iran deal 5
Danny Fleuette

A House vote to start a floor debate on the Iran nuclear deal was scheduled for Wednesday, reportedly because that many Republican members don’t want to hold the vote amid Tea Party protests and a closed-door “rebellion from rank-and-file conservatives.”

According to The Hill, a procedural vote was supposed to be held early Wednesday afternoon, but members instead gathered to discuss strategy.

“We will continue the conversation on Iran from this morning and discuss strategy for the rest of the week,” a Republican leadership aide told The Hill’s Cristina Marcos and Scott Wong.

“GOP leaders had to change course after hearing an earful from rank-and-file members during a morning conference meeting,” reported The Hill.

Conservative members from the House Freedom Caucus want President Obama to release side deals between the nuclear inspectors and Iran for review before passing or rejecting the Iran agreement as a whole.

Illinois Rep. Peter Roskam put forth a resolution to stop a vote from happening on the Iran deal unless all of the documents—including side deals—are available for review by Congress.

“We had a very healthy conversation with our members this morning. There is some interest in the idea offered by Mr. [Mike] Pompeo, Mr. Roskam. We’re going to continue to have those conversations,” House Speaker John Boehner stated after the meeting.

The Hill reported that GOP Senators don’t welcome the plan to push back a vote on the deal.

“As I understand law, once Sept. 17 passes is it not the case that the president will take the view that he is free to go forward” to lift the sanctions, stated Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell, rejecting the proposal according to The Hill.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Sen. Bob Corker also rejected the proposal.


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