Fact Check: Media Lies About Fiorina ‘Not Cracking a Smile’ During Debate


The lying Boston Globe’s headline screams, “Carly Fiorina wins, without cracking a smile.” This talking point has been all over the television news throughout the day – especially the left-wing CNN and MSNBC.

The photo above is from Getty. Their descriptor makes clear that this smile occurred last night “during the Republican presidential debate.”

Sure, for most of the night Fiorina was serious and focused, but this narrative that Fiorina is some kind of harridan is the media’s way of doing what they always do to Republicans: making sure they can never win.

As an outsider, Fiorina’s obvious debate gameplan  was to win respect and show that she is serious about policy and taking on all comers.

The media’s also lying about her best moment — the Planned Parenthood moment, and even petty stuff like her smile deficit.

The hatchet job our degenerate media does to conservative women is well-documented. They are seen as apostates and there is no level to which they won’t stoop to annihilate her.


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