Viral Video: Conservative Black Teen Criticizes Obama for Inviting Muslim Clockmaker Kid to White House

CJ Pearson/YouTube
CJ Pearson/YouTube

The latest video by conservative black teenager C.J. Pearson is going viral after his criticism of Obama for inviting a Muslim kid to the White House struck a cord with hundreds of thousands of viewers.

Earlier this week, a Muslim teen in Texas caused a stir by making charges of anti-Muslim bias after he was detained by school authorities for bringing in a homemade “clock” that looked more like a suitcase bomb. Always ready to exploit such situations, Obama quickly invited this Muslim teen to visit the White House.

Since the incident occurred, though, many are beginning to espy a setup because the Muslim teen’s father is a Muslim activist who has been trying to make a name for himself in the grievance industry.

Whatever the facts in the Texas case, though, 13-year-old C.J. Pearson, found Obama’s invitation to the Muslim teen to be full of hypocrisy.

Addressing the president, Pearson started his video by pointing out that when Kate Steinle was murdered by an illegal immigrant living free from arrest because San Francisco is a so-called “sanctuary city,” Pearson said, “You didn’t do anything.”

Also, as American police officers have, one after another, been murdered on the job, Pearson reports that Obama has yet to invite a single surviving family member to the White House. In fact, Pearson says, Obama has made little notice of the growing number of deaths nor, in many cases, has he even offered condolences.

Pearson goes on to criticize Obama for the lack of response to these incidents, saying, “But when a Muslim kid builds a clock? Come on by.” The teen then added incredulously, “What is this world you are living in?”

Asking Obama, “What are your priorities?” Pearson goes on to insist that Obama is “ignorant, incompetent,” and a person who “doesn’t understand reality.”

Pearson ends his video asking the president, “How am I going to respect you when you don’t respect the brave men and women and innocent people who have lost their lives because of your incompetence? I’m sick and tired of it, and I think the American people are too.”

By Friday evening, the viral video had been watched over 680,000 times on YouTube.

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