Donald Trump Wins Stephen Colbert’s Show


This article was originally posted by Deadline Hollywood:

“I want to thank you, not only for being here, but for running for president, ” Stephen Colbert told Donald Trump on The Late Show tonight.  “I’m not going to say this stuff writes itself, but you certainly do deliver it on time every day,” added Colbert, who has been feasting on Trump’s candidacy since debuting as host of CBS’s late night show early this month.

Colbert didn’t so much interview Trump as perform WWE Theatre with the reality TV star turned GOP front-runner.  You know, pretends he’s thwapping the guy, but it’s all for fun  – and ratings. Not coincidentally, about a week earlier, Trump visited NBC’s late-night rival, Tonight Show and pounded Colbert in the ratings that night.

“Donald Trump is here…Finally a place on TV to hear about Donald Trump,” Colbert said by way of opening the highly anticipated showdown.  “He is the GOP front-runner. Who knows, one day I might be able to tell my kids I interviewed the last President of the United States.”

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