Shannon Watts Uses Shootout Among Illegal Gamblers to Smear NRA

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On September 27 an argument among a group of illegal gamblers at a Georgia “event center” escalated into a shootout which wounded ten people aged 16 to 29. The next day gun control proponent Shannon Watts tried to use the altercation to smear the NRA.

The incident occurred in Meriwether County in a former bar that has since been converted into Hill Haven Event Center.

According to Meriwether County Sheriff Chuck Smith, law enforcement personnel were called to the center and arrived to find “that an altercation occurred involving several suspects over illegal gambling that was taking place in the back portion of the building. The verbal altercation escalated with at least several suspects pulling handguns and firing multiple rounds within the confines of the building. These indiscriminate shots resulted in multiple people being struck.”

Sheriff Smith identified “10 individuals that were shot” and wounded. These were “5 black females, 4 black males, and 1 white male.” The suspects being sought are described as “black male shooters.” Smith also indicated that law enforcement’s response to the incident led to the discovery that the Hill Haven Event Center was operating “beyond the confines of its operational license,” and he is now seeking city action to close the center for good.

Shannon Watts reacted to this story by trying to smear the NRA for fighting to allow concealed carry permit holders to carry guns in bars for self-defense. Watts tweeted: “The NRA [is] still fighting for state laws to allow guns in bars [after] Georgia bar shoot-out.”

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