UCC Shooting Victim Killing Trying to Block Door Was Pagan

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

According to pagan community website Wildhunt.org, UCC shooting victim Kim Saltmarsh Dietz was “a local Pagan woman.”

Kim Dietz’s ex-husband has set up a GoFundMe page to help defray expenses. On that page, Jescah Keene says that Ms. Dietz was killed when she tried to block a door.

Wildhunt.org is a daily news website devoted to “elating to modern Paganism, Heathenry, Polytheism and other minority religions and says in a blog post:

Kim was closely connected to Covenant of the Goddess, whose members have been reaching out across various platforms to offer support. She was involved with the Society of Creative Anachronism, Shire of Briaroak and she worked as a caretaker at Pyrenees Vineyard and Wine Cellars.

The Pyennes Vineyard and Wine Cellars wrote in a Facebook post:

The Pyrenees family is heartbroken to confirm that our friend Kim Dietz was one of the victims of yesterday’s senseless UCC shooting. Kim was our caretaker for many years along with her husband and current Vineyard Manager Eric Dietz. Their daughter, also a student at UCC, was thankfully unharmed. None of us at Pyrenees can make sense of this horrific tragedy. We appreciate your respecting the Dietz family’s privacy in this time of immense sorrow. In these times we must come together, lean on family, and never forget God’s love.


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