Donald Trump on Marco Rubio: ‘Never Hire a Boy to Do a Man’s Job’

Marco Rubio

Donald Trump is increasingly aiming his scorn at Sen. Marco Rubio, not his former target, Gov. Jeb Bush. “Never hire a boy to do a man’s job,” Trump declares in a tweet that shows a boyhood photo of Rubio.

The tweet also shows Trump and the slogan, “The Definition of a Leader; Make America Great Again.”

The new anti-Rubio strategy makes sense because Bush’s poll numbers are stalled and have been reported as low as 4 percent in a recent Pew poll. In the last few days, Rubio has inched ahead of Bush, with an average poll rating of 9.5 percent compared to Bush’s average of 8.3 percent.

Even if combined, Jeb and Rubio are losing to Donald Trump, whose poll rating is at 22.8 percent.

But if Trump sidelines both Rubio and Bush, he’ll have to find a way to overcome Carly Fiorina, whose poll numbers are growing rapidly.


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