Polls: NRA Favorable Rating Leads Hillary Clinton’s by Double Digits

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An October 22 Gallup poll reveals the NRA’s favorable rating is 58 percent, while an aggregation of polls shows that Democrat presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton’s favorable rating is about 42 percent.

This means the NRA, which Clinton repeatedly attacked during the October 13 Democrat debate, is the same NRA that can now boast of beating her by double digits in the minds and hearts of Americans.

According to Gallup, the NRA’s overall favorable rating of 58 percent is five percent higher than it was in 1989, which is when Gallup began inquiring about Americans’ view of the NRA. Moreover, the percentage of Americans who view the NRA as “very favorable” is at an all-time high of 26 percent.

In contrast to this rising tide for the NRA stands Hillary, whose favorable rating is about 42 percent, according to the Huffington Post. And whereas the NRA’s current favorable rating of 58 percent is roughly equal with the favorable ratings they enjoyed in 2009, Hillary’s rating of 42 percent has fallen from the rating of 57.1 percent  she enjoyed in 2009.

While a centerpiece of Clinton’s campaign is maligning the NRA, a clear majority of Americans have a favorable view of the NRA and the fight it undertakes to defend the Second Amendment from politicians just like Clinton.

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