Fox News’ Megyn Kelly on CNBC Moderators: ‘Uncomfortable to Watch’

AP Photo/John Minchillo

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, who was criticized for how she moderated the first GOP presidential debate, is herself critiquing the CNBC moderators from Wednesday night’s debate, saying it was “uncomfortable to watch.”

“How about personalization of so many of the questions: I, I, I — you heard Becky Quick saying — there was one when she said, ‘I too had student loans, Senator Rubio, and I can’t figure out the math of that; And Harwood, ‘I have spoken with The Economist’; Back to Becky — ‘our cause’ talking about working women; ‘our cause,'” Kelly said in her analysis of the CNBC moderators’ questions.

Kelly was particularly critical of them for not having been tough enough on GOP frontrunner Donald Trump for his stance on H1-B visas. CNBC’s Quick wasn’t prepared to cite the source of her question during a back and forth with Trump.

“This is why u never ask a Q like this w/o having your source material at the ready,” Kelly posted on Twitter during the GOP debate “after Quick seemed to succumb to Trump’s claim that he never criticized Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s call for more H-1B visa for foreign workers to work at tech companies,” noted Yahoo News.

Kelly also had a panel of Republican voters on her show Thursday night where she was again critical of the CNBC moderators.

To promote her own show with the panel guests, Kelly posted on Twitter, “What did you think of the show tonight? Let me know using #KellyFilePanel.”

But one follower responded citing the widespread criticism of Kelly from the previous debate where she was combative with Trump, “[J]ust as disgusting today as when you unfairly slammed @realdonaldtrump on 1st debate. You never learn? #KellyFilePanel.”


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