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Ben Carson Responds to Obama Taunt on CNBC Debate: Obama “Afraid to Go on Fox”

GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson responded to President Barack Obama’s mocking of GOP candidates for rejecting NBC’s primary debate forum. “That wouldn’t happen to be the same President Obama who was afraid to go on Fox would it?” Carson said with a laugh on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily. “Must be a different guy. That’s just ridiculous,” said Carson, who recently topped an NBC News / WSJ poll as the GOP frontrunne

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Trump Surges: Rubio, Carson Flat; Bush Drops

In a rolling poll that was only partially taken after Wednesday night’s debate, Investor’s Business Daily shows Republican businessman Donald Trump surging. Last month Trump sat at 17%, today he sits at 28%. In this particular poll, this surge puts Trump back

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BOOM: Ted Cruz Eviscerates Left Media in Debate

As he has taken on the “Washington Cartel,” Ted Cruz took on the left-of-center and “mainstream” media during the CNBC GOP presidential debate on Wednesday night. Cruz took the focus-group dial to a record-breaking 98 percent when he unloaded on the CNBC moderators for their bias during the debate and indicted the media in general.

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NBC Debate Moderator John Harwood Enters Dan Rather-Phase of Denial

CNBC Republican debate moderator John Harwood has entered the Dan Rather-phase of denial. — @NolteNC @JohnHarwood — Peter (@PET3R_S) October 29, 2015 —  Although Harwood was caught outright lying  in a loaded question to Marco Rubio Wednesday night, the


Marco Rubio Crushes Jeb Bush In CNBC Debate

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) so solidified his standing as the new establishment frontrunner on Wednesday evening here in the CNBC debate that Rubio’s team wouldn’t even comment on the poor performance by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.


Exclusive — Larry Kudlow On Donald Trump’s Corporate Tax Plan: He’s ‘Spot On’

“I’ve endorsed Donald’s 15 percent corporate tax rate many times,” Kudlow told Breitbart News in a brief interview during a commercial break.

I don’t know all the details about his entire tax program, it’s certainly moving in the right direction lowering rates but specifically on the 15 percent corporate tax rate I have argued for it for several years. And by the way, I happen to think it would grow the economy, attack capital from all over the world—China’s at 25, we’d be at 15, it would easily pay for itself. Easily. I believe it would lower the deficit. Again, I can’t speak for the whole plan—I can speak for the 15 percent corporate tax rate. He’s spot on. And I’m honored that he mentioned me. Honored.” Kudlow’s comments to Breitbart News about Trump come after an exchange in the opening part of the CNBC debate here where co-moderator John Harwood asked Trump extraordinarily contentiously about his tax plan.

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Carly Fiorina: Hillary Clinton ‘Flunks Economics’

GOP 2016 candidate Carly Fiorina says Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton “flunks economics” if she believes the economy is better with a Democrat in the White House. “Whose economy is she talking about? The middle class has shrunk under the Obama administration,” Fiorina responded in an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal.

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