Exclusive — Carly Fiorina: ‘Breitbart Would Be a Great Moderator’ for Debates

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ORANGE CITY, Iowa — Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, a 2016 GOP presidential candidate, told Breitbart News exclusively that she believes Breitbart News Network “would be a great moderator” for debates moving forward.

Fiorina said in an interview before her speech to a rally of Northwest Iowa Republicans when asked what the GOP needs to do to stop problems in future debates with regards to the media after what happened with CNBC:

Well I do think the choice of moderators is key—and we haven’t had enough conservative voices. You know, Breitbart would be a great moderator, for example. We’ve sort of had these token conservative people who haven’t had a shot. Hugh Hewitt, great interviewer, but he got what? One question out of 30? CNBC didn’t even try to put up real conservatives. Making sure there is a real conservative, making sure that the conservative commentators have a real chance to ask questions of substance. I think all of those things matter. I do think that long debates are helpful to voters. I know there are some campaigns that want to shorten debates, and I don’t think that is helpful to voters. I think there are a lot of candidates, and people really need to have the time to see—overtime—what they think and how they perform.

Moments earlier, in a press conference here at Northwestern College, Fiorina told reporters she agreed with the Republican National Committee (RNC) decision to end the organization’s relationship with NBC—and suspend CNBC’s parent company NBC’s involvement in a future debate—after what happened with CNBC in Boulder, Colorado, earlier in the week.

“I do,” Fiorina said when asked if she supports the RNC’s decision. “I do. These debates are intended for Republican primary voters. I think Republican primary voters actually are delighted to have a lot of debates and delighted to be able to see and understand the positions that the candidates are taking. I think what they don’t appreciate is a set-up where the objective apparently isn’t to understand where the candidates stand but instead the objective is to have the candidates say bad things about each other. So I think CNBC understood what they were trying to accomplish and I think the RNC made the right call.”

Fiorina also talked about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, new House Speaker Paul Ryan, and more in this exclusive interview with Breitbart News. More parts of the interview will be forthcoming.


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