Washington Post Columnist Goes after Breitbart Contributors over Missouri Reporting


Courtland Milloy took to his regular column in the Metro Section of the Washington Post this morning to attack two Breitbart contributors for their reporting on the ongoing racial meltdown at the University of Missouri. Milloy seemed incensed that Ben Shapiro and Lee Stranahan question the evidence of racism at MU and the motivation of the demonstrators.

Shapiro has questioned what appears to be the thin evidence of widespread racism on the now-troubled Missouri campus. It appears now that the “poop swastika” could be a hoax. Missouri authorities have so far refused or simply been unable to produce any evidence that it was actually drawn on a residence hall bathroom wall.

Additionally, the only other evidence offered by protesters is the charge that student body president Payton Head had racist words shouted at him from a pick-up truck, although no one has stepped forward to corroborate his story. Head produced no proof of the instance. Moreover, Head’s credibility has been questioned today, as he had to remove a Tweet in which he warned that the KKK was on campus, that students should “stay away from windows,” and that he was working with “the MUPD, the state trooper and the National Guard.” Turns out his charge was false.

That leaves one other charge, that a student talking loudly on a cell phone bothered some black students rehearsing a play in a public area. The black students told the white student to pipe down and he is charged with shouting a racial epithet at them. However, he has not been identified either.

Shapiro said, “It is incredible that in order to deny my claim that campuses are not secretive generators of racism, Milloy cites multiple instances of individual racist acts by students who were then punished by the administration. Individuals act badly in every walk of life; the point, of course, is that campuses fight such incidents tooth and nail but the left targets college administrators like Tim Wolfe anyway.”

Breitbart contributor Lee Stranahan is an expert on hard-left and Marxists agitation, having covered uprisings in Ferguson, Missouri, and elsewhere around the country. Stranahan has reported on the intimidation tactics used by campus protestors that resulted in the resignation of the university president and “terrorized” the campus.

Milloy apparently had not seen the video of protestors trying to intimidate a news photographer who was taking pictures of the tent city that housed the hunger striker Jonathan Butler, who has now been identified as the son of a multi-millionaire. Milloy also seems not to know the radical provenance of some of the slogans campus protestors are using, some of which come directly from domestic terrorists who remain on the FBI most wanted list.

According to the Washington Post‘s Courtland Milloy, even questioning these incidents or the motivation behind them is the same as suggesting “the white man was under siege…”

Stranahan said, “The Washington Post is upset that Breitbart News has exposed the radical, socialist politics and raw power grab by leftist faculty that’s behind the University of Missouri student uprising. Americans would be shocked if knew that the Black Lives Matter-inspired students were praising Assata Shakur, the convicted Black Liberation Army cop killer who is currently on the FBI’s Most Wanted Terror list. The Washington Post can’t deny the facts, so they smear our reporting.”

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