Democrat Jim Webb Blasts Hillary: ‘Clinton Disparaged Integrity of Marines’


Former-Senator Jim Webb (D-VA), who recently dropped out of the Democrat presidential primary, blasted Hillary Clinton for her improbable campaign tale of being turned away by a sexist, ageist Marine recruiter some 40 years ago. Using his verified Twitter account, Webb (a decorated Marine) said that “Mrs. Clinton disparaged integrity of [the Marines].” He appeared to accuse the Democrat frontrunner of fabricating the claim, and challenged her to prove it.


Because she is a Democrat, in order to protect Hillary Clinton from this obvious fabrication and slur on the military, the DC Media has so far downplayed the story and has completely ignored Webb’s challenge and accusation.

In his tweet, Webb linked to a Marine Times story that lays out exactly why no one should believe Clinton’s anti-Marine slur:

But the Corps [at the time] not only was open to women, it was desperate for lawyers during that period, according to several recruiters quoted by the Post.

Clinton not only lied, in order to tell that lie she trashed a branch of America’s armed services. This is reprehensible behavior for a woman who wants to be Commander-in-Chief. And it just as reprehensible that the same racially-motivated media that fabricated attacks on Ben Carson’s bio has no interest in holding Clinton accountable for her smear.


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