Will GOP Factions Galvanize Behind One Candidate?

AP Photo/John Raoux
AP Photo/John Raoux

I have said all along that Marco Rubio will be the next President of the United States if he runs for the job and if he wins the GOP presidential nomination.

I stated this many moons ago, adding that a Ted Cruz presidential candidacy was the only thing that could prevent Rubio from getting the nomination for president.

No one with any credibility can question the conservative bonafides for either Cruz or Rubio, even though Rubio seems to be running in the “moderate,” more establishment Republican lane.

This was also before the likes of Dr. Ben Carson and Donald Trump decided to get in on all the presidential fun.

As Rubio and Cruz continue to rise in the polls, the 800-pound immigration reform gorilla in the room is starting to make a lot of noise.

Rubio was dead wrong (and he knows it) to legitimize liberal Senators Dick Durbin and Chuck Schumer in cosponsoring and pushing his amnesty-laden Senate immigration reform bill, which President Obama himself hailed as the best thing since sliced political bread, endorsing the bill as one that was inline with his views on immigration reform.

Now, his GOP opponents, especially Ted Cruz, are pouncing on him for the immigration flip-flop.

Rubio, in turn, is saying that both he and Cruz have the same position on immigration because both seem to support increasing H1-B visas, which prompts Cruz to push back by calling Rubio all but a liar for trying to say that they see eye-to-eye on immigration reform.

Even if Cruz does support increasing H1-B visas, the optics of Rubio standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Senators John McCain (R), Dick Durbin (D), and Chuck Schumer (D) to promote amnesty for illegal immigrants, is nothing less than damning for the freshman Senator from Florida.

Rubio’s betrayal of Florida voters when it comes to immigration reform continues to sour many, but a growing number of “purist” immigration grassroots activists are willing to give him another look because they feel he has the best chance of defeating Hillary Clinton in 2016.

He does, but so do Cruz, Trump, and Carson.

Look, Rubio is a friend, and some in his inner and outer circles, including many of those “Rubiobots” who see him as a political “Messiah” like to rip on me for pointing out his biggest political blunder.

Just so you know, when Marco Rubio asks you to keep him honest and call him whenever he veers off course, you do so, but not just because he asked you to, but because you have to stay true to yourself and your convictions.

So once the dust settles, and “if” Rubio becomes the 2016 presidential nominee, all of you pro-legal immigration junkies better get onboard with him. If you don’t, and Hillary Clinton becomes president, then you have no one to blame but the person staring at you in the mirror, and you should self-deport somewhere, anywhere.

This also goes for all of you establishment types who ignorantly say that Ted Cruz is not “electable” and that you won’t vote for another black guy, as well as those of you who think that Donald Trump is just an entertaining political bobblehead.


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