Mama Grizzly Unplugged: Sarah Palin Talks Trump, Feminism, Populism, PC Outrage, Islam, & ‘Sweet Freedom’ in Hour-Long ‘Breitbart News Daily’ Special

Palin recording Facebook
Sarah Palin/Facebook

In what was her first live interview on her Sweet Freedom book tour, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin sat down with Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon this week for a wide-ranging one-hour interview that will air numerous times this weekend on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125 (see below for air times).

Palin’s new book, Sweet Freedom: A Devotional, hit stores this week, and she talks to Bannon during the one-hour “Breitbart News Special” about politics, culture, and family. She discusses what she is looking for in potential candidates she may endorse in 2016, her impressions of Donald Trump, why Trig was the “most blatant manifestation of answered prayer” in her life, and how the answers to today’s challenges in politics and life can be found in scripture.

Palin also comments on the radical campus activists at Missouri and Yale, why she believes today’s parents have it much tougher than parents from her generation, and whether she believes Obama has already fundamentally transformed America.

She reveals where the inspiration for the book came from, when she first found out about some of the nasty and vile vitriol that had been directed at her during the 2008 election, and what prompted her to do something that was very “un-Christian.”

Palin offers her always interesting takes on the feckless Republican leaders in Congress who still will not hold Wall Street accountable and defund Planned Parenthood, hypocritical feminists on the left who encouraged attacks on her and her children, and Planned Parenthood’s unethical selling of body parts from unborn babies.

In many ways, Palin—and her supporters—were light years ahead of the political and media elites after the 2008 election cycle in their use of social media and appreciating the appeal of anti-establishment populism that is now powering the rise of candidates like Donald Trump and Ben Carson. The elites underestimated the power of social media and the anti-crony capitalism populism that Palin has championed. Palin reflects on how and why she—even though she was ridiculed by the political and media elite that now use social media daily for all things politics—used Twitter and Facebook to go around the mainstream media’s filters and her three-decades fight against crony capitalism.

In a riveting interview that her core supporters, political observers, and even her detractors will want to hear, Palin, in a response that may indicate how Palin intends to use her political capital going forward, also speaks to Bannon about what she thinks her purpose in life is.

The interview will air on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125 this weekend at these times:

Saturday (11-21):


Sunday (11-21):

10PM-11PM ET