Daily Beast: Trump is Our LePen; Could Form Third Party

Trump Tilt AP

The Daily Beast finds an international comparison for Donald Trump: Marine Le Pen.

The continued radicalization of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has quickly become a movement centered on the fear and anxiety of foreign or non-white American bodies, and the hate-filled propaganda and lies that sustain it. He is coalescing his own American far-right political party with roots in white supremacy and neo-Nazi movements. He is copying the modus operandi of the resurgent far-right movements that are sweeping across Europe. He is becoming America’s own Le Pen—Marine or Jean-Marie, take your pick.

Following the horrible terrorist attacks that befell Paris roughly two weeks ago, Marine Le Pen said “France and the French are no longer safe,” and added that “no matter what the European Union says about this, it is essential that France regains control of its border, for good. Without borders, there is no protection or security possible.”

This response is very much reminiscent of Trump’s rhetoric. It touches upon one’s physical safety being in jeopardy, but also an entire culture’s way of life being under attack with nowhere to hide. Following the Paris attacks, Trump also perpetuated anti-Muslim and anti-African American propaganda by claiming that he witnessed Muslims celebrating the collapse of the World Trade Center on 9/11 and by tweeting an erroneous graphic that claimed that black Americas caused over 80 percent of white deaths by homicide.

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