Tyshawn Lee: The Real ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ that Black Lives Matter Ignores

AP Photo/Teresa Crawford
AP Photo/Teresa Crawford

The death of Michael Brown brought the birth of “Hands up, don’t shoot,” the media-fuelled fallacy and force behind a Black Lives Matter movement that flat-out ignores the main driver of Black America’s morass.

How, indeed, can these Black Lives Matter malcontents sit and stay silent in the face of the horrifying details that revealed the chilling last minutes of 9-year-old Chicago boy Tyshawn Lee’s life?

We now know that little Tyshawn Lee’s slaying was a planned retaliatory hit, allegedly carried out by a gang member named Corey Morgan, who was seeking vengeance against Lee’s father.

Chicago officials said Morgan and two other gang members “lured” the 9-year-old into an alley and opened fire, riddling the boy’s body with bullets.

Little Tyshawn, unlike Michael Brown, actually put his hands up in fear, in an attempt to shield himself from his savage slaughterers:

An autopsy revealed several gunshot wounds in Lee’s body, including to the head and others at close range. A wound to the right hand appeared to show Lee tried to block the gunshot, according to the autopsy the prosecutors presented.

One would think that Tyshawn Lee’s cold-blooded murder would warrant wall-to-wall press coverage, rallies, or a presidential oration.

But so far, there’s been next to nothing. Black Twitter didn’t catapult Tyshawn Lee’s name to trending topic status. There has been no Black Lives Matter-style acrimony tantamount to that of Michael Brown’s death. The 9-year-old was not granted an Obama-led eulogy — Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, silent.

If a black 9-year-old boy is lured into an alley and shot to death by a group of black gang members, does his black life not matter?

Tyshawn Lee likely died with his hand upbegging his butchers to spare his life. So far, the white liberals who run America’s mainstream media have chosen to ignore that story.

Could that be because Tyshawn Lee’s killers were black?

If Tyshawn Lee’s killers were white men wearing police uniforms, you better believe America’s ratings-starved and race-obsessed media would have used his death to lead the news for weeks on end.

But white cops didn’t killed Tyshawn Lee. Racism didn’t do it either. Nor was his death the result of a prejudiced criminal justice system.

Tyshawn Lee was murdered by black gangsters. We’ve seen this sad story play out time and time again. Innocent life after innocent life, senseless murder after senseless murder. The common denominator, the driving force behind bodybag-filled Black American neighborhoods is black brutality and criminality.

But to Black Lives Matter, Sharpton, Jesse, and even President Obama — Chicago’s favorite son — the only black lives that matter are the ones taken by white killers.

Sure, black people do care about and protest the persistent problem of black crime. But if we’re being honest, most black Americans are more indignant about white cops killing black people than we are about black people killing other black people — even though the latter is a terrifyingly more vexing problem.

If more than 90 percent of black people are being mowed down by other black people, why are we focusing 100 percent of our energy on 10 percent of the problem?


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