Carly Fiorina Hits Hillary Clinton for Pushing ‘Gun Control’ After Mass Shooting

AP Photo/Cheryl Senter
AP Photo/Cheryl Senter

GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina came out swinging against President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for politicizing the mass shooting in California.

“Without knowing any of the facts of what has happened there or why, President Obama and Hillary Clinton immediately came out and made a political statement for gun control,” Fiorina said during an online town hall on Wednesday evening. “Instead of Mrs. Clinton calling for more laws, why don’t we enforce the laws that we have and, as well, enforce the Second Amendment?”

Fiorina said the Second Amendment “gives to each citizen the right to bear arms.”

Fiorina began her town hall, saying, “I considered canceling this broadcast tonight” because of the mass shooting in San Bernardino. “Actually, tonight was a very important time to talk about leadership and to talk about the issues that face us as a nation,” she continued.

Individuals asked Fiorina questions via social media outlets. She responded to one question about being a political outsider, saying, “The political establishment takes care of its own.”

“The way the rules are laid out for gaining access at ballots in all 50 states,” was one example Fiorina said about the difficulty of being an outsider trying to break into the political establishment. The complex ballot requirements is a way the political class makes it harder for outsiders.

In order for a presidential candidate to get on a state ballot, that candidate must meet certain rules that each state is allowed to set for its ballot. Some states require the candidate to pay tens of thousands of dollars in order to get on the ballot, while other states require tens of thousands of signatures in support of the candidate.

Fiorina was also questioned about what she would look for in a Supreme Court Justice. “I’m going to look for people who not only have a track record of conservative principles, but who have also demonstrated the ability to stand up for those principles even under pressure.” She said she would look for people like her father who was a conservative judge for the liberal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The next president could potentially appoint four justices to the Supreme Court.

Florina’s husband Frank joined her during the town hall at one point. “Today actually is Frank’s birthday,” she announced.

“I was afraid she was going to say that,” Frank joked, adding, “In 66 years, I’ve never shared my birthday with so many people.”

Fiorina and her Deputy Campaign Manager Sarah I. Flores sang “Happy Birthday” to Frank before he exited the event.

Fiorina also took time during the town hall to present a blue print, showcasing her plan of action if she were elected President of the United States.

First, Fiorina said she would simplify the tax code to only three pages. “Of course it can be done,” she exclaimed, saying the United States needs to simplify the tax code because the complexity of the current one favors those that can hire lobbyists, lawyers, and accountants that figure out how to manipulate the regulations.

Secondly, Fiorina’s blue print stresses the need to pass zero-based budgeting. “This is the only way we can both spend less money overall” and have enough money to invest, she said. “Every dollar has to be examined and justified. Any dollar can be cut. Any dollar can be moved,” she stated.

Fiorina also said that Obamacare is an example of crony capitalism because it is not working. “We have to repeal Obamacare. We have to give to states the responsibility of managing high risk pools,” Fiorina explained. “We have examples of states doing this well.”

Fiorina said that the free market should handle health insurance. “The free market puts you in charge,” Fiorina said, referencing the consumer.

She also said as President of the United States she would “restore the character of our nation,” which means standing for life and religious liberty, enforcing a pro-American immigration system and securing the border.

Fiorina also said as president, she would defeat ISIS and make sure the United States is leading the world. “All of these things encompass a blue print for what is necessary to take our country back,” she stated. “I think I’m good at understanding a problem, understanding a solution, and getting others to work with me to put that solution in place. Politicians major in talk. Some of them are very eloquent talkers, but talk is cheap.”

“I need the help of the citizens of this nation to get this blueprint enacted.”


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