Shep Smith Echoes Obama on Mass Shootings: ‘It Happens More Here Than Anywhere Else in the World’

As news was unfolding Wednesday during the San Bernardino, CA shooting, Fox News Channel host Shepard Smith echoed a claim a made by President Barack Obama at the COP21 summit in Paris in which he said more mass shooting of the nature of what happened at a Colorado Springs, CO Planned Parenthood clinic a week earlier happen in the United States than anywhere in the world.

Smith alluded to the remarks from Obama, then explained why he thought Obama was correct.

“[H]e mentioned something of this nature when he was in Paris for the climate summit when he said this is unique to the United States,” Smith said. “He got a lot of partisan push back from his political opponents. But, the fact of the matter is among developed nations, that’s the truth. The source of mass shootings with regularity of where they occur in the United States — you don’t find that in other countries. That’s not to say anything except that fact. You can extrapolate from that whatever you want. But that part right there that this happens in the United States more than anywhere else on earth is a true thing. That’s all there is. The reasons for that, you know someone smarter than I has to come up with that. But I can report with certainty it happens more here than anywhere else in the world.

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