Feds Fumble Terrorist Visa: DC Media Demagogues Owe America An Apology


Over valid concerns about the ability of our serially-incompetent Federal  government to properly vet a population of Syrian refugees ISIS has pledged to seed with terrorists, the DC Media went on a demagogic rampage accusing Republicans, and even the American people of nativism and racism.

For a full week, as poll after poll showed that up to two-thirds of Americans wanted Obama’s suicidal Syrian refugee program halted, these bloated, self-satisfied, politically correct left-wing liars in the DC Media herded up to preen their moral superiority over the rest of us.

Again and again, these superior demagogues looked down their noses and smeared everyday Americans as rubes for not fully understanding just what a great job our infallible federal government does when it comes to vetting immigrants, especially Muslim immigrants.

Again and again, Obama’s Palace Guards tarnished common sense and legitimate concerns over domestic security as hinterland racism.

“Hey Rubes,” they assured us. “Obama’s got this. Now give up your guns.”

Meet the Press,” CNN’s Chris Cuomo, The National Journal’s Ron Fournier, The Washington Post… Need I go on?

Will these moral demagogues now apologize or even take a step back the next time a similar dynamic pops up, now that we know for a fact that one of the savages who butchered 14 innocent Americans last week la-dee-da’d her way through our federal government’s so-called screening process.

That’s a rhetorical question. Even as their business model collapses, even as their ratings crash, even as their impact vanishes, these provincial, partisan prigs will only double down.

Oh, and please-please-please, DC Media, by all means, let’s have a semantics debate over the difference between a fiancé visa and the refugee process. Sorry, Palace Guards, the classification might be different but it’s still Obama’s politically correct-addled government doing the vetting.

President Obama is not keeping us safe, and by constantly covering up for him the DC Media serve only as his dangerous enablers. The American people know this, which is why the media’s ability to frame the national political debate and shape public opinion is being shredded by a political novice named Donald Trump.


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