Rep. Mike Kelly: America Is ‘Daddy Warbucks’ At Climate Change Summit

The Associated Press

Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) says America is acting like “Daddy Warbucks” at the Paris Climate Summit, by giving away tons of hard earned taxpayer dollars to other countries to supposedly fight climate change.

Kelly told Breitbart News’s Matthew Boyle that the countries in attendance at the summit have one thing on their mind: “grab what you can get from the Americans.”

Kelly said that America is acting as Daddy Warbucks, the wealthy fictional character from Annie. He also argued that President Obama doesn’t have the authority to give out the money.

“Right now, there is a critical amount of dollars that are going to be pledged by a man who does not have the authority to pledge them” Kelly said about President Obama.

Kelly told Breitbart News Saturday that the agreement is unenforceable and that Congress still hasn’t had the opportunity to review it.

“We do feel that this needs to be treated as a treaty. This can’t be another executive agreement where the president takes it upon himself to pledge billions of American taxpayer dollars into a program that we haven’t had a chance to look at

“We haven’t had a chance to decide that we’re going to go along with it. Again, it’s very clearly stated in our Constitution, and the Constitution isn’t a suggestion, there is nobody that knows this better than a former constitutional law professor who happens to be sitting in the White House. This has to go through the advice and consent of the Senate.”

Kelly also blasted the President for focusing on climate change rather than terrorism, especially in the aftermath of the Paris terrorist attack and the attack in San Bernardino, California.

“The summit should have been a terror summit. It shouldn’t have been about climate control, it should have been about terrorist control.”

“This is about his legacy” Kelly said about Obama’s decision to focus on climate change. “This is not about whats good for the United States of America. This is not whats good for the people he represents.”

“He’s not a monarch, he’s not a king. This isn’t the way we live, this isn’t the way America has been.


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