After COP21 Failure The Terror Begins: Crazed Greenies Eat Their Own

man-made climate change

The Paris COP21 climate summit has gone better than any of us could have hoped. Which is to say so incredibly badly that the disappointed greenies have begun to turn on one another in bitterness and recrimination and Hunger-Games-like kill-or-be-killed savagery.

Consider this offering from Harvard History of Science Professor Naomi Oreskes in the Guardian in which, bizarrely, she calls out of some of the green movement’s most fanatically green activists for not being green enough.

Better still, she actually uses the worst insult of all in the greenie lexicon: “deniers.”

After the signing of a historic climate pact in Paris, we might now hope that the merchants of doubt – who for two decades have denied the science and dismissed the threat – are officially irrelevant.

But not so fast. There is also a new, strange form of denial that has appeared on the landscape of late, one that says that renewable sources can’t meet our energy needs.

Oddly, some of these voices include climate scientists, who insist that we must now turn to wholesale expansion of nuclear power….

Who are these terrible New Denialists?

New members of the climate ‘deniers’ club:  James Hansen, Ken Caldeira, Kerry Emanuel, Tom Wigley . . . and Bill Gates.

And what is the terrible error of judgement which has provoked the righteous wrath of Oreskes?

Basically they have rejected one of the green movement’s most sacred shibboleths: they have come out in favour of nuclear power.

Nuclear, these green heretics believe, is the only way that the planet can reduce its CO2 emissions quickly enough to avoid catastrophic global warming.

Oreskes disagrees. She thinks it can be done with wind and solar and geothermal. Just like energy expert Mark Ruffalo.

To put Oreskes and Ruffalo’s expert opinion in perspective, let’s just remind ourselves of the current share of wind, solar and geothermal in the global energy market.


Hmm. Don’t give up the day job, Mark; do give up the day job, Naomi.

In case you need reminding who Naomi Oreskes is, she’s the embarrassingly overpromoted academic who says that a handful of contrarian, “denier” scientists in the pay of Big Oil are skewing the debate on global warming by deliberately misrepresenting the science, just like they did with tobacco smoking, acid rain and the hole in the ozone layer.

This is what’s so glorious about Oreskes’ Guardian assault on people like James “Death Trains” Hansen (the activist at NASA who invented the global warming scare), Kerry Emanuel (a leading alarmist) and Tom Wigley (featured heavily in the Climategate emails).

It’s like Rosa Klebb calling out Oddjob, Jaws and Blofeld for being just too lightweight in their pursuit of evil and world domination.

In other words, popcorn time.


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