Sonnie Johnson: From ‘Trans-Racial’ to Cultural Marxists – 2015 Year in Review

Sonnie Johnson

We’re at the end of another year, and it’s time to look back on 2015.

Of course, my biggest stories of the year would be ISIS and the spread of the Islamic savages (I love Harris Faulkner for that phrase), the rise of Putin’s Russia as a world power, the mass immigration and infiltration of Muslims into Europe, and the ethnic cleansing of the Christian population in the Middle East. But since we have a President that doesn’t know how to combat any of those issues, I’m sure we’ll be talking about them more in 2016.

Here’s my recap of 2015…

1. “Trans-Racial” — Rachel Dolezal

Everyone was confused when the President of the NAACP’s Spokane, Washington chapter had to admit she was white. We lost even more of our sanity when we where introduced to the term “trans-racial” to explain a person who thinks they were born into the wrong skin. I wonder if that would have worked during slavery?

There is nothing particularly spectacular about Rachel Dolezal. If she actually understood the black “struggle,” she would’ve known nobody cares. We have white people that love us for who we are, and we return the favor. She was not born into the wrong skin. Rachel Dolezal follows a sick ideology that crushes individuality. No weave and suntan can change that.

2. Pure Evil — Dylann Roof

We experienced pure evil when Dylann Roof walked into Emanuel AME Church in South Carolina. He sat in the church during Bible study before pulling out a gun and killing 9 people. Pure evil walked into that church and in its aftermath, the Grinch still heard the voices rise from Whoville.

The comparison isn’t making light of the pure evil that is Dylann Roof. It is re-enforcing the basic lessons we learned as children. When evil comes — when it robs, steals, and murders — refuse to let it take your spirit. The steel resolve shown by South Carolinians not only overshadowed Roof, it silenced the voices of the mob trying to incite further hate. Sometimes the purpose of singing isn’t to pretend you’re happy but to drown out those calling for pitchforks.

3. White Privilege — Shaun King

If you thought Rachel Dolezal and “trans-racial” were a hoot, then you have to love the exploits of Shaun King. Let me steal a phrase from Deray. In 2015, Shaun King showed black America how whiteness works — at least white progressivism.

First, latch on to a black cause. Second, let the blacks work while you “report” on the situation. Third, start producing a resume. Fourth, when the money in the movement starts to slow down, take the resume and get a real job. Shaun King is getting paid to write headlines for the New York Daily News, and you are out protesting for free. Now that’s white privilege at work.

4. Confederate Flag — Bree Newsome

After the singing stopped in South Carolina, the Confederate Flag came under attack. Once Black Lives Matter realized nothing was going to burn in Charleston, they needed a symbolic victory. Bree Newsome offered that victory on a silver platter when she scaled the flagpole at the Columbia statehouse and removed the Confederate Flag.

Separated from Black Lives Matter, I was cheering for Bree Newsome. I don’t care about symbols. I don’t care about your flag. Bree Newsome practiced civil disobedience that didn’t include yelling at the cops, burning things down, or stalking a “pig” to fry him like bacon. She didn’t stop traffic, shut down a bridge, or prevent people from getting to work. She protested without invading anyone’s personal space or personal property. BLM would be dangerous if they learned a thing or two from Bree Newsome.

5. End of Political Correctness — Donald Trump

Donald Trump jumped into the presidential race, and politics will never be the same. At least, I hope it won’t. They said he wouldn’t file. He filed. They said he wouldn’t disclose. He disclosed — that he’s VERY, VERY, VERY rich. They said, “Don’t take him seriously.” He punched the media, the Republicans, the Democrats, and the political pundits in the mouth so hard that he turned their political domination into a severely cracked glass jaw.

As someone who’s said I’d never run for public office, Donald Trump became the hero of my year. “I’m not endorsing Trump, but…” is the most used phrase by conservatives who have been regulated to the Island of Misfit Toys. We stopped apologizing when Andrew Breitbart said “And?” We were never politically correct. That’s what drew us to Andrew in the first place. Finally, we’ve got another larger than life voice that inspires us to get back the attitude we had when we shouted “#War!”

6. Slut Walk — Amber Rose

Stripper and video vixen Amber Rose was thrown into the spotlight this year when she hosted the first annual “Slut Walk.” Conservatives had a field day laughing at the half naked women cheering their sexual conquest in broad daylight. Progressives championed the walk and offered more access to free birth control and abortion. Amber Rose got paid.

Amber Rose provided the right with the recipe to fight the War on Women with an actual diverse group of women. Amber Rose made herself famous by shaking her goodies. Whether you agree or not, she is not asking you to pay for her birth control, and when she got pregnant, she chose life. And I’m guessing stretch marks aren’t particularly cute on a stripper, if my mirror is any indicator.

I’ve been with the same man since I was 20-years-old; I don’t have Amber Rose tendencies that I’m trying to justify. I just don’t see the entire world through the lens of politics. Amber Rose is a woman that’s been dealt a bad hand in love, and while the men walk away with no shame, she is supposed to walk with her head down. Amber Rose lifted her head and got on with the business of creating business. While conservatives were laughing, Amber Rose was invoking our economic principles. She was following our blueprint to success. If only we would pay more attention to her economics and less to her vagina.

7. War on Wax – Drake’s Slaughter of Meek Mill

In Hip Hop, when a diss song receives a Grammy nod, it should signal the end of somebody’s career. Meek Mill learned that the hard way this year when he went on Breakfast Club and accused Drake of using a ghostwriter. Drake responded quickly with two tracks, including the Grammy nominated “Back to Back.”

“Is that a world tour or your girl’s tour?” Drake raps, referencing Nicki Minaj’s success to diss her boyfriend Meek Mill.

There was no political meaning or significance to this. It’s just the best moment in Hip Hop this year, and as a fan, I must acknowledge it.

8. Another American City Burns — Baltimore

We started 2015 still in disbelief watching Ferguson, Missouri, burn after the killing of Mike Brown. Well some of you were in disbelief because I’ve been warning others for years. When Baltimore, Maryland, started to burn, again everyone feigned disbelief. This was the roughest period of my year.

I feel like a broken record. Conservatives are supposed to be the party that holds leadership accountable. If your so-called “black leaders” in the conservative movement didn’t warn you Ferguson was coming, if they didn’t tell you Baltimore was on the way, if they are sitting next to you wondering what Black Lives Matter is going to do next instead of desperately trying to infiltrate and influence the 90% of black America that doesn’t follow BLM, you will be in disbelief when more American cities burn in 2016.

9. Selling Baby Parts — Planned Parenthood

A string of videos were released showing Planned Parenthood selling baby parts to finance their Lamborghini dreams. The videos were sickening but not enough for Planned Parenthood to be defunded by the Republican Congress… so I guess this is a non-story.

I’ll use this space to say Hillary Clinton’s hero is Margaret Sanger. Sanger believed in eugenics and wanted nothing more than to exterminate inferior people, mostly blacks and Jews. Sanger’s group, now Planned Parenthood, stopped using the term “eugenics” after Hitler slaughtered millions using eugenics as his justification. Notice I only said they stopped using the term — that’s because they continued the practice. Long before abortion was legalized, progressives like Sanger used the pseudo-science of eugenics to pick candidates for forced sterilizations. Hillary Clinton knows this history and still calls Sanger her hero. In 2015, I coined the phrase Hillary Sanger.

10. Unseen and Unwanted — Cultural Marxists and #Cuckservative

I am a Free Speech advocate. My answer to speech I don’t like is more speech. This year I listened to a heap of speech I didn’t like without responding. I don’t like to play race, and I don’t care a lot about those that do—on either side.

However, there is a group on Twitter that demands a bit of my attention. Their motives are to protect the white man from extinction. When I first started following them, I didn’t see racism in their language. I saw Newton’s Third Law. With the rise of BLM, it is only natural an opposition force rises against them. That’s why I don’t play race. I see the big picture, not individual blips.

Now they have taken the term #cuckservative to apply to any conservative they feel isn’t looking out for the best interests of white people. One of their favorite targets is actor Nick Searcy, who they constantly attack for having a black son. Conservatives always say we aren’t racists and we wouldn’t allow racism into our movement. Well, it’s building a following. It has a hashtag. It is fighting in your name. Just thought I’d let you know.

Of course, I left out the media’s biggest story of the year: Black Lives Matter. I like to win. When I lose, however, I give my opponents their due before I set out to destroy them next go round. Black Lives Matter won on my battlefield in 2015. Black conservatives, they kicked our ass. I’ll give them their victory lap. Just know that 2016 is a whole new year, and we will have a whole new team. See you in 2016.


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