More Rape-Survivors Need to Publicly Heckle Hillary Clinton


Republicans have two choices in 2016: we either fight like the Left, or we again lose the White House. With the help of their DC Media allies, the Left is brilliant at throwing Republican candidates off-message and into a defensive crouch. One way they do this is by heckling Republican candidates at public events. And if nothing controversial happens at these events, the DC Media repeatedly lies and says something controversial did happen.

This is why I loved Katherine Prudhomme-O’Brien heckling Hillary, and why our side needs to send rape-survivors like O’Brien to every single Hillary Clinton campaign event, straight through to November of 2016.

When Donald Trump is heckled and taunted at campaign events, not only does the DC Media love it and play it up, they openly encourage more of it. The hecklers are all treated like Rosa Parks and The Donald is made to answer for the way his supporters behave towards protesters. The corrupt media loves this, at least until Hillary is confronted with the same.

As one example, here is how ABC News headlined a rape survivor heckling the Benghazi Bungler:

Hillary Clinton Shuts Down Heckler: ‘You Are Very Rude

Hillary Clinton on Sunday confronted a female heckler who interrupted the Democratic candidate’s first campaign event of the new year in an attempt to ask about Bill Clinton’s conduct towards women.

“You are very rude and I’m not going to ever call on you,” Clinton told the woman, who later identified herself as Republican New Hampshire State Rep. Katherine Prudhomme O’Brien.

“Shuts down!” That’s right, Hillary is in command and in charge!

Here’s how ABC News covers Trump protesters:

Amid Biggest NH Protests Yet, Trump Downplays Controversy

Outside, more than two hundred protestors gathered with signs bearing messages like “Ban Trump, not Muslims.” It was the largest protest Trump has passed in New Hampshire, but he brushed off the reaction.

When it comes to the Benghazi Bungler, we’re immediately (and appropriately) informed by ABC News that Hillary’s heckler is a Republican lawmaker. Trump’s protesters, however, are just protesters. No effort is made to determine any possible political motive or astro-turf.

Prudhomme-O’Brien, a rape survivor, is on a righteous crusade to bring awareness to the very troubling charges leveled by more than a dozen women against both Bill and Hillary Clinton. Hillary stands accused of waging campaigns of personal destruction to silence these real and alleged victims, while Bill stands of accused of outright rape, groping, harassment, and intimidation.

The names we are familiar with were either personally destroyed or outright dismissed 20 years ago by the same dishonest, partisan DC Media that attempted to personally destroy conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas over a single allegation. Along with the Clintonistas, the DC Media laughed off these women as “trailer trash,” “bimbos,” “stalkers,” and worse.

The names of the less-familiar were memory-holed by the DC Media.

Here’s what we know for a fact: Bill Clinton outright lied about his extra-marital affairs with Monica Lewisnky (a 21 year-old subordinate in the White House) and Gennifer Flowers.  In the case of Lewinsky, Clinton committed perjury and as a result was impeached and lost his license to practice law. We also know for a fact that Hillary launched public campaigns to denigrate and destroy these two women.

The allegations are just as troubling, and in some cases, even more so. But these allegations have never been litigated because until recently the DC Media had the ultimate power to control the national debate. Between New Media and Donald Trump, those days are long over.

So bring on an army of Hillary-hecklers, preferably rape survivors like Prudhomme-O’Brien, who are rightly disgusted by this two-decade DC Media cover up.

If the DC Media won’t speak for these women, someone must.


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